A leadership incubator investing in high-achieving young African women from underprivileged backgrounds who are passionate about social change

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We’re working towards a future of educated and empowered African women leaders from diverse economic backgrounds.

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Are you a professional woman working in Kenya? Pay it forward to the next generation and connect to a network of incredible women as an Akili Dada mentor!

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Meet the 2013 Akili Dada Fellows: young women social entrepreneurs passionate about creating change for Kenya!

Akili Dada’s young leaders are selected for their strong leadership potential, academic achievements and a demonstrated desire to address social inequities. Akili Dada leverages this desire with a comprehensive set of interventions to produce highly educated, deeply experienced, and well-connected young African women leaders with an enduring commitment to justice and equality

  • 100% of Akili Dada scholars have finished secondary school among Kenya’s top 1% of students nationwide.
  • All of them have received full scholarships to universities in Kenya and around the world.
  • Each of our scholars is leading community service projects at home and in school, from social entrepreneurial ventures to building online platforms for change.
  • You can help us make a huge impact on the lives of these young women who will become the next generation of African women leaders!

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What you can expect as an Akili Dada mentor:
  • To have fun while giving back
  • To bring positive encouragement into a girl’s life
  • To network with like-minded Kenyan women
  • To be part of an internationally-recognized African organization
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“Meet the 2013 Akili Dada Fellows!”

In March we launched the Akili Dada Fellowship program that further expands our leadership pipeline. The Fellows program serves as a social entrepreneurship incubator providing financial, intellectual, mentoring, and networking resources to young women changemakers who are driving transformative change in their communities. Meet our 2013 cohort of Akili Dada Fellows!